Claire and Rich's Wedding, Southcrest Manor, Redditch.

Silhouette image of the Bride and Groom kissing in a bay window at the Southcrest Manor, Redditch

Claire and Rich’s Southcrest Manor Wedding.

Claire and Rich have been together for years and decided it was time to make it official. They chose the newly refurbished, fabulously as well I might say, Southcrest Manor Hotel in Redditch to host the affair. When I arrived the ladies had taken over the whole of the Kingfisher Suite for their hair and makeup marathon. Fifteen ladies will do that and they kept Hannah Louise Field MUA and her counterparts busy. Hannah is awesome, we’ve worked together on a couple of projects and if you are looking for a makeup artist you can’t go far wrong.

The happy couple wanted their day to be a celebration and everyone was in the party frame of mind. The wedding morning was filled with laughter from the ladies during the Bridal preparations to the gents arriving in good spirits bantering away. An emotional Dad seeing his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress made for some good images and threatened to send the Bridesmaids and flower girls over the edge.

Outside the ceremony room, before the girls had to walk the aisle, Claire had arranged for shots, yep you read that right haha, a round of shots for the all the ladies and a sneaky one for Kay, the Manor’s Wedding co-ordinator, by order of the Bride. My kind of ladies!

The weather was touch and go for a while but the sun put in an appearance in the end so we could get outside for some group shots of friends and family and then sneak the couple off for a few images. Claire and Rich had chosen an informal BBQ for the Wedding breakfast with no speeches to follow to go with the relaxed theme of the day. The lads' set up a screen and projector hooked up to one of their laptops to show the Aston Villa match. The evening's entertainment provided by the Southcrest’s DJ and an amazingly fun Rodeo Bull.

All in all an awesome day for a lovely couple.

Here’s a few images from the big day ……..