Lamis & Lewis's Wedding - The Mill Barns, Alverley, Bridgnorth

Groom holding his new wife in front of a dramatic sunset of pink and purple hues at The Mill Barns, Alverley

Lamis and Lewis’ Awesome Mill Barns Wedding.

Lamis and Lewis pulled out all the stops for their Wedding, choosing what seems to be THE place to tie the knot at the mo, The Mill Barns in Alverley. My first time shooting at the venue and it didn’t disappoint, a stunningly modern place with a barn type wooden beam styling and some nice grounds for wedding photography. Running the show, Lydia, was amazingly helpful throughout keeping me well informed about the schedule for the day, being really accommodating towards the photography and most importantly keeping me well hydrated on what happened to be a hot day.

We started the day off with panic stations. A case with several important articles, namely underwear and a certain set of rings, had done a disappearing act. Lewis made a trip back home to find the case on the drive, phew! Grandad had previously been to the house but when asked if he had seen a case on the drive replied, “I didn’t know if it was yours," haha legend! I bridesmaid and I had agreed that the best replacement for the rings would obviously have been onion rings and knowing I had found my soul mate offered to make it a double wedding!

Lamis and Lewis had chosen some awesome suppliers to be involved in their day. Aside from an awesome photographer, haha, they had Nick Boy Wedding Video to document their day for them. As videographers and photographers are visual artists it can be a bit conflicting with what you’re shooting and it’s really important for these two suppliers to work together when capturing a day to not get in each other’s way. Nick was a consummate professional and all round nice guy and we hit it off and had a great laugh all day. Check him out if you’re after a videographer for your big day. Another legend of the industry was present in the form of Christian Fletcher performing some close-up magic and keeping everyone entertained with his endless banter. The gap in between the ceremony and the meal is when I need to take your family formal photographs. I know, the boring bit, right? I always try to get through these as fast as possible. It’s a wedding after all and couples should be spending as much time as possible with friends and family. Photoshop has many filters but not one to stop you looking like you’re losing the will to live standing in line endlessly smiling. A magician is an awesome way to have something to keep your guests entertained during this time and there isn’t any better than Christian. You have to watch him though, swapping £20 notes for dubious legal tender and fruit.

The ceremony was conducted by possibly one of the nicest registrars I have ever met, Doug. You know you’re going to have the flexibility to get some great shots when the guy is singing away full belt whilst setting up. I little sleight of hand pause during the ceremony by the registrars had Lewis fumbling his words and “I do’ing” early and in eager fashion giving the crowd a good laugh and lightening the pressure for the couple tying the knot up front. Lamis’ brother Jorge, a budding photographer, got involved grabbing some shots of the couple just after the meal. Speeches were prompt, funny and emotional, with Lamis’ father, Amin, dropping a tear-jerking rendition of Lamis’ age 11 poem about her first real love, CHOCOLATE! Charlie, Ollie and Max smashed it with some humorous and embarrassing tales about Lewis, backed up with full wall projected images they’d mocked up for the occasion. After an emotional Father, Daughter dance and first dance, Lamis threw her bouquet. The lucky lady who caught it was so eager she quickly passed it on to her friend. I did offer her a discount if she booked within a month of the Wedding but I’m not holding my hopes up.

Ace couple, ace day.

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