Pre-Wedding Shoots

The last thing you should worry about on your Wedding day is photography!

“We don’t like having our photograph taken”

“We’re not very photogenic”

“How do i need to stand?”

The best way to get you guys settled about photography is to do some!

A Pre-Wedding shoot is a portrait session around 3 months before the big day This is a great chance for us to meetup before the Wedding, get to know each other a little better and address any issues you may have about being photographed. You’ll quickly find that the order of the day is maximum results for minimum effort on your part!

Best of all we’ll have a good laugh!

After the session we go for a quick coffee and I take some notes about your day to make sure I have all the info I need. This is a great time for you to ask any questions you may have and let me know about all the plans for your Wedding.

Engaged couple laughing together in front of a violet wall


  • What do we wear for the session?

    Sessions are a relaxed affair aimed at settling any nerves you may have about being photographed. Think about how you want the images to look and dress how you like.

  • Do we get any images included in our booking?

    You get 3 high-res digital downloads of your choice.

  • We love them all, what now?

    You can unlock the full set for £100.

  • Where do we do the sessions?

    Sessions are conducted near to my business in Redditch. You can have the session nearer to you guys at a small fee of £50.

  • Can we bring the kids?

    Of course and pets too, except spiders!

    It’s worth bringing a grandparent, friend or sibling along as well to take care of the kids while we’re photographing you.

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