Sam and Kev

Bride and groom stood at the edge of a pond at The Limes Country Lodge Hotel at Twilight

In the run up Stu was brilliant, he worked out daylight hours, he scouted the venue for where some nice places to shoot would be, he ran through family members, bridal party members, must have shots etc. He gave us some brilliant tips which if we didn't take could have been disastrous! Some things to think about and some honest opinions, which we really value in a person.

The day itself was cold, but the sun was shining. He was there for bridal prep nice and early looking dapper and all professional with his suitcase FULL of equipment, there were spare for spares and back ups for his back ups, ready for whatever was thrown at him...and yes, there was a couple of things #pinata. His timings were spot on, his organisation and the direction he gave us was immaculate. Even when trying to round us all up when everyone had dispersed into a million directions. He did amazing getting all the shots we wanted in short bursts and repeatedly covering my wife with a jacket between each of the formal shots, so not to freeze our socks off.

Stu blended effortlessly in with the other guests, making jokes, having a bit of banter or just having a little chit chat. Guests all spoke very highly of him and were in awe of the photographs he had taken. He is brilliant with the children and he got some beautiful shots of our 3 year old son, who, by the way cannot stay still for more than 10 seconds! We also had some hilarious candid shots, the fight over the bouquet is a firm favorite.

We cannot thank Stu enough for documenting our special day, when we look though the pictures it's like reliving it all over again. He makes it all seem so effortless, but his hard work and dedication to document such a momentous occasion is outstanding and his art really shows this.